Friday, August 24, 2012

The Real Korea: No more marble!

I arrived in Cheongju a few days ago and my homestay family is very nice. My mom, Julie  is a travel agent and has been to over 40 countries. She was telling me today that they are planning a trip for winter vacation. I think they were inviting my? I am not sure. My host dad, Max works at the air force base in Cheongju as a plane mechanic. I have two host sisters, Sally and Amy. Sally is in 3rd grade and Amy is in 2nd grade. So far communicating with my family has not been a problem, although my Korean is horrible, their English is pretty good. I also put a calendar on my door so they would know where I was and when I would be home.

My room is very nice! I have a double bed and a big wardrobe and a dresser in my room. At first I was very worried because I think I am in my host parents room, but after talking to two of my co teachers they said my parents had not been using the room for a long time and in Korea it is common for people to sleep on the floor (which they are doing in the study room). My host sisters also sleep on the floor but in their own room.

On Departure day, August 22nd, my co teacher Caelyn came to pick my up from Goesan. We had lunch together and then she took me to Cheongju, where I met Mirim, another co teacher and the head of the English department. We went out to dinner together and had Korean bbq, sooo yummy :) I am glad I have finally found Korean food that I like.  Speaking of food... my host dad made me spaghetti for dinner tonight <3 a="a" account="account" and="and" anyway="anyway" bank="bank" caelyn="caelyn" cell="cell" ever="ever" first="first" get="get" iphone="iphone" me="me" my="my" on="on" open="open" p="p" phone.="phone." phone="phone" smart="smart" thursday="thursday" to="to" took="took" yay="yay">

Today I spent most of the day cleaning my desk area. My classroom is HUGE and if I tried to clean it in a day I would go crazy. I organized and got myself ready to start school on Monday and then from there the cleaning will be a process.I start teaching on Tuesday! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your room is beautiful! I love the classroom pic...I wanna visit!